Air Conditioning Add-on for your Chair!

Air Conditioning Add-on for your Chair!

Oh my God!  I saw this and told myself this is exactly what I’ve needed for years!  It’s an air conditioning add-on for your shair so you can cool your butt while you work, drive, etc…etc…

It seems like it’s only available in Japan right now, maybe I get a couple next time I head over to Japan.  (I’ve only been to the Narita Airport so we will see…)

Kuchofuku has developed Suzukaze air conditioned seat cushion as its newest product. Kuchofuku located in Japan is famous for developing air conditioned clothing that uses almost no energy. Humans generate sweat to regulate body temperature, and the new air conditioned cushion uses this inherent body temperature regulation function and the minimal amount of energy necessary to power a fan in order to provide the ideal cooling level for humans. When the small fan built into the cushion rotates, over 170 liters of air per minute is sent into the cushion, thus dissipating the heat and moisture accumulated around the buttocks.

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  1. Yes just the right product for seat warmers like me! I look forward to more information from you.

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