E-Ball bring Golf Simulator to your Home!

E-Ball bring Golf Simulator to your Home!

Man, if I had enough money, I’d get a big fat house with a big fat ceiling office where I can blog and play golf right in my office during break.

E-Ball brings you this cool Golf Simulator to the market.  Basically it’s the similar to the commercial ones you see at the arcade.

Will someone get me one please?

E Ball’s golf simulator offers the most realistic golf experience on the market today.

Players see a huge visual image of a real life situation at a major golf event. They hit the ball at the visual image and highly accurate ball sensors measure the ball’s speed and trajectory accurately as it passes towards the huge visual image of a golf course. In real time the virtual ball takes over and continues its path on the screen. Golfers experience the thrill of making the shot in the big game.

Ever wanted to have your own in-home golf driving range, win a closest to the pin competition with the accuracy and power of your golf swing, or smash your drive down the fairway to win the longest drive competition?

E Ball’s golf simulator allows players to satisfy their golfing dreams.

The golf simulator is used for wood and irons so that players can practice their driving, long iron and short iron game.

The unique ball sensor technology is very accurate and realistic. Users continually comment on the quality and speed of response when compared with other golf simulators.

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  2. Hayden says:

    Very nice site! I live in Tokyo & sometimes see Electric Golf Cart exhibits & always enjoy looking at the beautiful creations!

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