DIY – How to Make Ultrasonic Bat Goggles!

DIY - How to Make Ultrasonic Bat Goggles!


Here’s an interesting experiment where a Bat Goggles are used to allow the user to experience bat’s auditory cues.

Please do not wear these in hazardous environments or in traffic! These goggles are for educational purposes only and meant for controlled environments since they are intended to block your peripheral vision and regular vision so you are more reliant on auditory cues.

I am not responsible for any injuries as a result of wearing these goggles! Thanks!

Since this is based on Arduino, you could easily add a Zigbee or blueSMIRF module to interfaces these with computers wirelessly. Future work might be adding a dial to adjust the sensitivity and adding a on/off switch.

via instructables

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  1. Studio Equipment says:

    With all those qualifications, I don’t think that they are for me. So, thank you, but no thanks.

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