1370 Horsepower Turbine Jet Boat!


1370 Horsepower Turbine Jet Boat!

Damn, this thing IS a beast! Crammed with a sizzling turbine jet, this jet boat will pollute the air like crazy yet it’s so cool!

This Turbine Jet-Boat is one fast ride. Looks like 1370 horse power is just enough for a wild water ski ride that you won’t forget.

“The T58-GE-8F turbine that is going in Squirt 2. It weighs 350 lbs and produces 1,370 hp @ 6000 rpm. That’s about 1,200lbs-ft of torque! The hull shown in the photos below is a 21ft aluminum white water race boat built by Eagle Power Boats. We have ordered a 23ft step V version of this boat for our project.

via hackedgadgets

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