Digital Magnifying Glass!

Digital Magnifying Glass!

Interestingly, digital magnifying glass is a niche market no company has pioneered until a California-based Freedom Vision came up with theirs.

This is a great idea since with digital magnifying glasses, you can zoom in and out easily.  (Maybe you can even add a night vision…)

This is one of the gadgets you nod your head and scratch the back of your head saying, “Why didn’t I think of this before?”.

The camera focuses electronically at the touch of a button and has a range of magnification starting at three times the original print size. The device runs off its own battery for four and a half hours at full power and for up to seven hours when the brightness is turned down, he said.

THE Quicklook Focus should be available by mid-June, said James McCarthy, president of Freedom Vision, the Mountain View, Calif.-based distributor for Ash in North America (

via nytimes

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  1. This will be of great help for people with defective vision like MD etc.

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