StatoilHydro is building world’s first Floating Wind Turbine!

StatoilHydro is set to launch a full scale floating wind turbine that will open up a ocean-size opportunity of generating energy through wind.

A 2.3Mw wind turbine is attached to a Spar-buoy, similar to offshore loading buoys used in offshore gas mining.

The blades on the floating wind turbines will have diameter of 80 meters, rise 65 meters above sea surface, and also the floatation element will be 100 meters below the sea level anchored by 3 different points.

The wind tubines can be mounted on water depths from 120 to 700 meters initially so not every part of the ocean will be able to be utilized.

The company has already signed all contracts and is in testing phase so once this testing is completed successfully, we will be able to use the floating wind turbine in countless ways.

How will this change the world?

Well, if this floating wind turbine succeeds, we have almost limitless ocean to use this and generate power, meaning this might enough to generate enough electricity for a major seaside cities such as San Francisco where winds are always high but no floating wind turbines exist.

[via staoilhydro]

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  1. This is great news and augurs well for the future.

  2. Derek says:

    NORDTANK 300

    42 units

    Year 1990

    Hub height 31 meter (tower in one section)

    Rotor diameter 28 meter

    Trafo: 690 / 20.000 V

    Hi All Can someone please tell me what does this all mean in terms of kilowatt hour turbine power? How can I tell from this numbers an amount of electricity that this turbine will produce? Thank you.

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