Sony Accelerating Production of Larger OLED TVs

Sony Accelerating Production of Larger OLED TVs

Sony is accelerating their production of larger OLED TVs.


OLED TVs are obviously better than traditional TVs due to their lower power while high output, meaning brighter, better pictures. There’s also Samsung, who is working on their own OLED TVs.

The question will remain which big TV manufacturer will win the race. The competition might be all too good for consumers and we should expect to be able to buy a 102″ OLED TV for around $2000 in the next couple years.

According to a Sony report straight from its Japan headquarters, its young OLED TV-display production unit will be funded with a $210-million investment in larger screens (over 16-inches at least) and will ramp-up by the end of 2008. This will put it in place for a full-line release of TVs in late 2009 or early 2010. Sony was the first manufacturer to launch a legitimate (if very expensive) OLED TV option, the XEL-1, late last year.

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Quick Tips: What is an OLED? (via WIkipedia)

A significant benefit of OLED displays over traditional liquid crystal displays (LCDs) is that OLEDs do not require a backlight to function. Thus they draw far less power and, when powered from a battery, can operate longer on the same charge. Because there is no need to distribute the backlight, an OLED display can also be much thinner than an LCD panel. OLED-based display devices also can be more effectively manufactured than LCDs and plasma displays.

Here’s a video of a Sony OLED TV from CES 2008:


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