Linux May Power New Nokia Phones

Here’s some great news for Nokia phone users that Nokia may start using Linux to power their new phones.

Why do I think it’s great?

Well, I’ve looked at every new Nokia phone at the Web2.0 2008 and sadly, they all really suck and incorporate outdated technology.

Don’t get me wrong, Nokia does make great hardware, but their software sucks and it’s clear that it may never improve with the proprietary operating system they are using.

For the major ding, the new Nokia phones come equipped with very very horrible web browser. The web browser doesn’t even support CSS standards or Flash. Now, iPhone did revolutionize the standard for web browsers on cellphones and everyone should at least keep up to a certain level.

But again, this is good news for consumers as Nokia will be now using a operating system that may just catapult their phones to another level.   Better yet, they could probably just use Google’s Android, which is a Linux operating system with plenty of built-in apps.   Mind you, Nokia did a great job not going to a Windows mobile platform, which horribly sucks too with an IE mobile browser that has not been upgraded for years.

As consumers, we need to fight back and stop using outdated technology.


PARIS (Reuters) – The world’s top handset maker Nokia Oyj expects the role of the Linux operating system in its product portfolio to increase as the role of its Internet-focused devices grows, company officials said.

Linux has so far had little success on cellphones, but its role is increasing as more new Linux-based models reach the market, while Google Inc gave it a vote of confidence by using it to build its Android platform on.

via PCworld

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