iPhone Earth lets you view the Globe by tilting your iPhone!


Here’s a really cool 3D iPhone application that is coming soon. (You can sign up for the beta for now…)

The iPhone Earth lets you view satellite imagery of the globe in 3D, sorta like Google Earth, but customized for the iPhone so you can rotate it back and forth for control.

I was particularly impressed when I saw they had used the iPhone accelerometers to allow you to tilt and rotate your view by tilting the iPhone. They weren’t downloading the imagery data over the net, it was all running local with just imagery for the San Francisco area. But, it was still very cool! The application is under development using the Apple iPhone SDK. So, assuming they finish the product, it should run under iPhone 2.0. You would definitely only want to run a real app like this if you had a WiFI connection or 3G – imagery and 3D takes a lot of bandwidth.

[via techeblog gearthblog]

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