GM’s “Urban” Gasoline and Electric Cars From 1973

GM’s “Urban” Gasoline & Electric Cars From 1973

Can you believe it? GM did make a prototype gas/electric car way back in 1973. For some reason, it never made it to production but the design does look kinda pathetic and small for an urban vehicle.

If GM had kept going with this idea for the last 35 years, they might already be in the fore-front of current electric/hybrid car revolution.

What do I think went wrong?

Gas was too cheap back then, no one was educated enough to know that gas will eventually run out and that cost per gas would be around $4/gallon in 2008.

Another factor was probably that people back then were again not educated enough to know about effects of CO2 and what not. Basically, there was no market for electric vehicles, no one would buy them.

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