I hit the ball great today!


Well, sometimes I do get very burned out from blogging 24/7, here’s my swing analysis of my own golf swing and a video of a 3 wood shot I hit perfect! today at the Harding Park GC driving range.

The greatest feeling in the world comes when you hit the ball great.  I think so… maybe I am a golf geek…haha

And did you know I started this blog so I can pay for my future golf tours? Lol… I bet you didn’t know that.

Any good golfers out there???

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  1. Yes indeed. 14 handicap do? Had to give up though as, I bust my hip joints and they had to replaced and re replaced again. I just keep in touch with some putting. I am happy for you. I know the feeling that you are talking about here. The satisfaction of the wood striking the ball clean and with a thump.

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