DIY – How to build your own Solar Scooter!

DIY - How to build your own Solar Scooter!

Don shows you how to build your own solar scooter.  What a nice guy, free detailed PDFs to explain everything.

Cool stuff!

Yes this is one! This is where you get to build your own solar powered scooter, it looks simple enough and in fact this scooter is actually street legal and will travel at least five miles on one charge.

The builder uses it regularly for work, which is five miles away, once at work he unfolds the solar wings which then charge up the batteries. Before you start shouting out “How can I build one?” there are full plans on the Build It Solar website, so I ask: “What’s stopping you?”
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2 Responses to DIY – How to build your own Solar Scooter!

  1. Scooters says:

    That’s a sweet scooter but I doubt that it packs any power. It might be a hippies dream though.

  2. kiramat shah says:

    hi i am kiramat shah

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