Urine collecting Underwear could save millions of Tax Payers’ money!

Urine collecting Underwear could save millions of Tax Payers\' money!


Here’s underwear made for pilots so they can go pee while flying. I guess there has been cases in the past where pilots would crash due to their inability to flush themselves while in the air.

Think of how much each jet plane costs, like $30 million!

This little stupid underwear could possibly let me pay less taxes. Or at least see that tax money goes to education and poverty instead of jet planes.

The Advanced Mission Extender Device (“AMXD“) is made by a small firm out of Milton, Vermont. It uses “special underwear equipped with a hose (pictured, right) linked to a pump the size of a paperback book that drains urine into a collection bag,” the AP explains. “The men’s model uses a pouch; the women’s has something that resembles a sanitary napkin.” AMXD creator Mark Harvie patented the system back in ’04.

via wired

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