New Bionic Hand – Fingers can be controlled!

New Bionic Hand - Fingers can be controlled!

Check out this new bionic hand which allows the user to control each finger independently. Sci-fi just became real! A lot better than this one over here.

Imagine not being able to do something as simple as hold a cup or a newspaper, or shake someone’s hand. These are all daily activities which are now possible for a local vet, for the first time in four decades, CBS station WBZ-TV in Boston reports.

Karl Chapin, 59, demonstrated his new state-of-the-art bionic arm at Hanger Prosthetics in Leominster.

Unlike his previous electronic hand, this new “I-limb” actually has tiny sensors which allow Karl to move each finger independently. “The fingers wrap around it like a regular hand.”

[via uniquedaily kdka]

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