How to Convert your Bike into an Electric Power Bike!

Wow, check out this plug and play electric motor system for your bike. Basically, you remove your front wheel and attach the Neodymics Cyclemotor system.

The only feature that should be improved upon? Well, I wish the batteries could be re-charged via the bike’s power when you are going downhill.

The Neodymics™ Cyclemotor is an integrated propulsion system designed for replacement of the front wheel on any standard bicycle. It contains batteries, motor, transmission, drive electronics, shock absorber, and control mechanism. Integrated design means simple installation. The “power on demand” control mechanism is fitted to the bicycle steering column on an arm extending down to the drive electronics. Attachment or removal of the self-contained and self-propelled wheel is then instantly accomplished without tools using a three point quick release system.

Neodymics patent pending design provides several advantages. The bicycle center of gravity is moved closer to the pavement for better handling than other motorized drives. The powertrain is dust shielded and water resistant. This design does not change the original aesthetics of the bicycle, and allows for quick removal of wheel for charging, security, or protection from the elements. The original drive train is not altered, so that pedal propulsion is always possible.

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  2. Poe says:

    Ugly, but good concept

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