GOMY DIY – How to Make a Nintendo Wii Mario Kart Training Wheel!

GTOMH DIY - How to Make a Nintendo Wii Mario Kart Training Wheel!


We decided to call DIYs like this GOMY DIYs. (Got too much time On My Hands DIY)

Neverthless, great idea, well executed in just couple pictures.

The Wii Wheel was supposed to make racing easy enough for anyone to jump right into a session of Mario Kart Wii with no prior experience with either traditional game controllers or the Wii Remote. When used properly, it works as expected. The trouble is that it’s not always used properly. Watching your parents try to get through Wario’s Gold Mine, you’ll notice that they’re sometimes holding the Wheel the wrong way, and it’s making them drive off the track into chasms of eternity. This observation led me to examine how Mario Kart Wii’s steering works and come up with a solution for keeping n00bs on track.

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