AT&T Confirms High Speed Rollout in Time for iPhone 2.0 – Will it be fast enough?

AT&T confirms their higher speed 3G wireless speeds when the new iPhone rolls out. At 1.4 Mbps Down and 800 Kbps Up, will this be fast enough?

The answer is already clear. Their current 3G speeds are so slow that you can’t even really watch Youtube videos on it. With the new “hyped’ 3G speeds, AT&T is only fooling consumers, who in turn will also fool themselves to believing this is something new.

Do you want to be lied to twice?  I don’t think so, just remember when Apple had those TV ads when the iPhone streamed live Youtube…

For comparison, we could compare to the WiMax Wave 2 technology, which can stream HD quality videos.

With the new WiMax technology boasting 37.44Mbps download speeds and 10.08Mbps upload speeds, AT&T is still stuck back about 2-3 years.

They basically bought out Cingular couple years ago just so they can get into the mobile telecommunications market. AT&T has not proven themselves and all this 3G will be another $400 out of your pocket while the CEOs go play golf with your money.

Better solution?

iPhone should be available on Sprint as Sprint will be rolling out WiMax later this year. Although that’s still not the fastest WiMax, it will be much faster than AT&T’s “claimed” 3G speeds.

AT&T has announced that it will have completed a country wide rollout of its HSUPA 3G service by the end of June. We’re guessing that a little voice from Cupertino might have been hurrying AT&T along. You know, just like AT&T boosting EDGE speeds last year on the iPhone’s launch date. Just saying.

via Wired

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