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Wow, check out this resealable can baby!

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Snellville (Atlanta), GA USA. A Ukrainian inventor, Johan De Broyer has conceived the idea for a re-sealable aluminum soda can featuring hidden advertising messaging. The idea was developed/designed by Robert Davis, Davis Advertising Inc. of Snellville (Atlanta), GA USA. K Mac McClintock, Advercan (Dallas, TX USA) is handling messaging technologies and representation.

The ingenious new “Soda Seal®” can (patent file # US61/006,673 & copyrighted works) appears like a standard soda can — until it is popped open. When the tab is turned the can becomes re-sealed with a water-tight and gas-tight seal,* revealing full-color, high-resolution advertising messaging. The potential for the new soda can is proportionate to the 250 billion soda cans consumed annually.

There are numerous benefits including:
• Net-zero production cost. The “mini-billboard” advertising message is sold to co-promoters. Advertising revenues will offset the cost of production.
• Advertising messaging can include hidden codes, prizes, logos, branding, websites, scent, flavor and other messaging technologies.
• The “novelty aspect” of the new can, in addition to the hidden promotional messaging, may result in added beverage sales, especially when used in conjunction with sweepstakes, contests, giveaways, etc.
• Advertising messaging can be customized for local, regional, national or worldwide (with language translation) implementation. The closing disks can be printed and distributed to various packaging facilities for specific advertising/
promotional targeting.
• The can’s all aluminum construction requires no deviation from current recycling programs. There are no plastics or other materials used.
• The Soda-Seal top assembly is fitted to a standard aluminum can. There is no redesign, retooling or machining required for the standard can which resides beneath the Soda-Seal can top assembly.
• Dimensions and appearance are virtually identical to a standard soda can. Packaging, shipping and storage requirements are the same.
• The can provides a water-tight and gas-tight seal.* It can also be used while driving or during outdoor activities – retaining carbonation and freshness without spilling.
• The ingenious design is quite simple lending itself to superior production efficiencies.
• The design components are self-contained. There is no separate “cap” or other part to be removed, reattached, or misplaced.
• The likelihood of wasted product is greatly reduced.
• Prevents potential injury or death from bee and wasp stings when these insects (attracted to sugars) enter open soft drink cans which are drunk by unsuspecting victims.

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  1. Robert Davis says:

    For the youtube video, visit:

    For additional 3d imagery and more info, including our press release, visit:

  2. Johan De Broyer – Inventor of The Advertising Soda Seal
    Marketing-Financial Business Specialist Ukraine

  3. db. says:

    The reseable beverage can is a great idea. It is my understanding that there are several versions being test marketed around the world.

    It is my belief that beverage cans containing 12 oz or less of liquid do not need to be resealed as the user ususlly drinks the liquid in one sitting ……… not needing to be resealed in order to save the product for a later time.

    The functionality of the device to protect the contents from insects and other debris and to prevent spills is however useful for any size can.

    Selfishly, I hope that this innovation is not commercially realized any time soon as I am the inventor of a devise that is applied to a beverage can by the consumer and prevents bees and other insects from entering the can.

    My “BugPlug” BeeGuard is uniquely different form others on the market. It was patented in the spring of 2004 and is currently being manufactured by a supplier to the promotional products industry.

    For additional information including photographs, please visit my web site

    Good Luck to you and your product!



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