Opera Wireless Earphones are easier than Bluetooth

Opera Wireless Earphones are easier than Bluetooth

I admit to having a very expensive Motorola S7 Stereo bluetooth headset that I never use because I lost the disk for it and there’s no way to download the drivers on Motorola’s site. (Motorola is stupid on the web…)

(Maybe I should give it away, I did pay almost 200 bucks for it. What a useless piece of technology…)

Here’s Opera’s Wireless earphones that doesn’t work on bluetooth but it works on its own radio signals.

By having this simpler setup, people will be able to use it for other devices instead of having to rely on bluetooth technology. (Which sucks for long distance anyways)

Sometimes, simpler is better.

SEOUL, Korea (AVING) — <Visual News> DigiFi(www.digifi.kr) rolled out its wireless over-the-ear style ear phone with iPod adapter ‘Digital Opera S1’ in Korea market, which is based on Kleer’s wireless technology.

Kleer’s point to multi-point Listen in technology enables up to four people, each with a set of Opera ear phones, to simultaneously listen to the same audio stream.

“Kleer’s wireless audio semiconductor design enabled us to fulfill our vision to deliver to our customers a low-cost, CD-quality wireless earphone that combines ease of use with over 10 hours of play time,” said Park No Young, CEO of DigiFi.

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