Soda-Club Home Seltzer Maker makes Sodas in just 30 Seconds!

Tight, now you can make your own sodas at home. Does anyone have a good recipe for coca cola? (As an avid home cook, I will buy this gadget for sure as I have bought the food dehydrator before)

NEW YORK, USA (AVING) — <Visual News> Soda-Club introduced a home carbonation machine ‘Soda-Club’ soda maker which enables users to make its own soda in a simple process anywhere they are. You can simply fill the carbonating bottle with water, and then screw it into the soda maker. By pressing on the unit’s top button, carbonation is injected into the water. Users can adjust the amount of carbonation to suit their preferences.

In addition, if you prefer your fizz with flavor, add a choice of soda mix, and then gently shake the bottle to distribute the concentrate. There are total 25 flavors, from classics like Root Beer and Lemon-Lime and mixers such as Ginger Ale and Tonic, to gourmet flavors including Pink Grapefruit, Cranberry-Raspberry, and Orange-Mango.

Prices for Soda-Club starter kits begin under $100, including a seltzer/soda-making machine and related supplies. My water Flavor Essences sell for $5.99 per 50-serving bottle, and sodamix flavors start at $3.99 for a bottle that sweetens the equivalent of 36 cans of soda.

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