Fully Autonomous Golf Carts!

Well, I am a scratch golfer and do not like to use any golf carts since I am old-school, but here’s an autonomous golf cart that’s better than the existing electric carts on the market.

Yet another job for pimply 16-year-olds has been rendered obsolete with technology, now that golfers can use the Shadow Caddy—a fully autonomous golf club carrying cart that trails behind you automatically. The three-wheeled cart works by following a signal from a transmitter worn on the golfer’s body. Switching the caddy’s setting from “Follow-Me” to “Park” makes sure it never accidentally follows you into a bunker or onto the green.

via gizmodo

One Response to Fully Autonomous Golf Carts!

  1. Since this will make caddies redundant, golfers can now sleep easy. Caddies will not grow into world champions!

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