Integrated Desk with embedded PC and Fold-Away Monitor

Integrated Desk with embedded PC and Fold-Away Monitor

Wow, check this integrated desk with embedded PC and fold-away monitor!  Great concept, maybe Apple might go for something like this.

It’d be even better if you could do “dual-monitor” setup.

Besides being absolutely beautiful, this Sync Desktop concept from designer Gareth Battensby features a fold-away widescreen monitor and keyboard, a built in USB hub, scanner, mouse, webcam, easy-to-access DVD unit, and plenty of storage space. And because it is all seamlessly integrated into the design, the Sync can be converted into a standard desk for other projects whenever necessary. The only problem is that I doubt that it could ever become a commercial product unless there was a way to upgrade the hardware.

[via gizmodobornrich]

3 Responses to Integrated Desk with embedded PC and Fold-Away Monitor

  1. Brilliant concept, space saving. You make a good point, upgrading, the feet of the table should fold out to easily upgrade. Great for a home office. Keep us updated if you hear anything.

  2. Not sure what happened to my post. This is a great concept for a home office. Your concern about upgrades is true. Would you not be able to put the pc box in the feet of the table. My wife would love this.

  3. Absolutely brilliant idea and execution. I do hope that someone will latch on to it and launch as a complete unit.

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