DIY HACK – How to Make a Solar Powered DC Welder!


DIY HACK - How to Make a Solar Powered DC Welder!

Remember my post on how to make a DC Welder powered by a golf cart? Well, these guys must be golfers and must own a golf course. (or at least work at a golf course.)

Now, they figured out a way to power their batteries with a big solar panel on top of the golf cart. Now the question is, can you still drive the golf cart? This might actually be a lot more practical if they could make the golf cart solar powered.

These panels charge the cart at about 3 amps. Welding or driving draws up to 150 amps, but only in short bursts.
To my surprise I have to disconnect the panel after a day or two to keep from overcharging the pack. I probably only charge one day a week. I better add an inverter so I can power my office and other tools from this thing.

This thing is so damn cool you’ll smile too much and hurt your face.
I probably should have put the cover back over the batteries before he started welding, cuz batteries can make hydrogen which can go pop.
You’re smart kids, you can figure out other safety warnings for this thing.

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