DIY HACK – How to Make a DC Welder with a Golf Cart!


DIY - How to Make a DC Welder with a Golf Cart!

Here’s a cool way you can make a DC welder powered by a golf cart!  Of course, you don’t have to use a golf cart but it is creative the way this guy did it.

Here’s the simplest welder you can make.
It’s just a pair of jumper cables and a welding rod.
Oh yeah. And some batteries to power it.
I happened to have some nice juicy batteries in the form of a Golf Cart.

Here’s me welding a trailer hitch with 1/8″ 6011 rods. Welding current peaks at around 140-150 amps with these rods and around 120 amps with 3/32 6013 rods according to a Fluke 1010 clamp probe.

via hacknmod

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