Crabfu’s SwashBot 3 made using ShapeLock


What’s great about this DIY isn’t just the Crabfu robot but the material ShapeLock used to make it. Well, I’ve been looking for something that you can mold easily such as ShapeLock.

Great DIY and thanks for sharing the information with us.  The crab robot is so awesome!  (except crabs walk sideways, not forwards and backwards…hehe you need to add one more leg on the back to really crab it, I know because I go crab-fishing all the time.)

I-Wei thought his SwashBot 2 was cool and all, but had lost some of the character of his original SwashBot. So, he built a third version that combines the mobility of the second with the charm and personality of his first crab bot. To build the body and the leg components, he used an amazing molding material called ShapeLock. Seeing the results definitely makes this something I want to check out. You can mold it very thin and flexible for the body pieces or thick and rigid for functional components like the leg segments.

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