RINGBO – Riding Robot for Kids from Korea!



Airrobot Ltd. in Korea, has just started selling RINGO robots in Korea on their online store, Toymart.co.kr, for 290,000 won, equal to about $290 USD. They might ship it to the US if you can pay for shipping…

Lol, maybe I can start selling these on Zedomax.com like hotcakes…

Update: You can pre-order one right now, but you won’t get them till end of this month.

Good thing I can read Korean, here’s some specs:

RINGO robot is basically a riding robot for kids age of 3 to 7 years old. The RINGBO can travel at about 2 to 2.5 kilometers per hour. (Not too bad for a kid’s toy)

The RINGBO features a obstacle-detecting sensors to alert the child in case your kid decides to run into a wall. The RINGBO can also turn full 360 degrees while in idle position.

For dealer information you can contact their headquarters here:

+82 2-558-5155

I don’t know if they speak English but they probably do so… good luck.

Looks like a cool robot I wish I had when i was a kid. It looks like some kids will probably do some bumper-car smashing soon.

[via techeblogengadgetohgizmo]

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