Parrallel Wind Turbine!

Check out this awesome parrallel wind turbine that can generate easy 200 watts at 20mph wind!  Pretty simple concept but well executed with patent pending too.

An easy 200 watts in about a 20 mph wind or so, lighting the four 50 watt car
headlight bulbs you see at Doug’s feet. We get much more power than this in
higher winds. This kind of power output is unheard of for an 18″ diameter
horizontal axis windmill! – the secret? Multi-Rotor technology, made possible
by the strength of modern carbon fiber materials.
This rotor is really thirteen rotors harnessed as one, giving an order of
magnitude (~10 times) more power than a single rotor design of the same diameter.
In stronger winds this prototype blows out these lights like flashbulbs – poof!

[via makeengadget]

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