Microsoft TouchWall an Inexpensive Multi-touch Display for any Wall!


Here’s a cool innovation by Microsoft (MSFT) on their new inexpensive multi-touch display that can be used on any wall. This could be good.  This is the first time Microsoft offered something at a lower price than their competition.  I am starting to like Microsoft again but Vista still sucks.

Microsoft is quick to say that they have no current plans to productize and sell TouchWall. But the potential of the system is obvious – Prately spoke animatedly about a future where the computing experience is less monitor/keyboard/mouse and more like an architect’s desk, with user input primarily directly on the screen and via voice commands, with keyboard/mouse type input used more for data entry or office type editing tasks.

TouchWall certainly isn’t the first multi-touch product we’ve seen (see iPhone). In addition to Surface, of course, there are a number of early prototypes emerging in this space. But what Microsoft has done with a few hundred dollars worth of readily available hardware is stunning.

via grunchgear

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