Blackberry 9500 – Touchscreen Thunder!

Blackberry 9500 - Touchscreen Thunder!

Well, it looks like the Blackberry revolution will be here soon to compete against the iPhone. Of course, Verizon and Sprint networks are so much faster, that’s the only reason I’d use it over the iPhone.

The Boy Genius has a bunch of new details on the upcoming touchscreen Blackberry, including the interesting tidbit that it’ll be a lifetime exclusive on Verizon in the US and Vodafone in Europe. It’ll have a mere four physical keys and will run on 3G EV-DO Rev. C as well as GSM HSPA for international use. No word on when this thing is going to drop, or whether or not anyone who uses a Blackberry will allow a physical QWERTY keyboard to be pried from their grip, but we’ll keep you updated.

[via boygenius techeblog gizmodo]

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  1. efe says:

    ık wıjl ook black bleckberry

  2. efe says:

    ık wıl ook bleckberyy

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