Driving Hack – How to tell Where the Speedtraps are and download them to your GPS!

Driving Hack - How to tell Where the Speedtraps are and download them to your GPS!

Wow, now you can use njection.com to find out where the speed camera traps are. Since I live in San Francisco and there are so many speed traps everywhere, I did a search for my zip code and that’s what you see in the above screenshot. Pretty accurate too as I can verify some of the speed traps from back of my head.

You can also download this information to your GPS device, how cool is that?

Hopefully less tickets for you and you come back to Zedomax for more… :p

Shannon Atkinson launched Njection.com as a place for gearheads to shoot the breeze about anything and everything auto-related. It wasn’t long before he sensed a theme in the posts. “One of the biggest topics on the site became speed traps and cameras,” Atkinson told us. “People want to know about those whether they’re a truck driver, a road warrior or just someone who wants to drive without worrying about it.”

So Atkinson added Speedtrap, a feature that combines drivers’ tips with Microsoft Virtual Earth to identify speed traps – either a real, live cop with a radar gun or one of those damned cameras – throughout the U.S. There’s even a few foreign cities, such as London, Toronto and Rome.

Now, the information can be downloaded directly to portable navigation devices from Garmin, Mio, TomTom and others via Njection.com so that drivers can pinpoint speed traps on a given route. Atkinson says the identity of Njection’s many speed-trap tipsters is kept confidential, and they include more than a few police officers who like the site because what “they’re mostly interested in is getting people to drive safely.”

via Wired

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