DIY – How to make your own Air powered BB Machine Gun!

DIY - How to make your own Air powered BB Machine Gun!

I remember the days when I would buy a BB-Gun kit and build myself lots of guns and shoot them at my friends. (Well they were plastic BBs…)

Here’s a cool DIY on how to make your own BB machine gun powered by 40 PSI air. That’s a lot of fire power if you ask me. This machine gun is probably more dangerous than real guns at the speed which it can fire the BBs. (I wonder if you can use pellets…)

This item is unusual to be featured at Burnt Latke as it is pneumatic ‘launcher’. The original was created by Piper’s Precision and can be found at A similar design was developed by the experienced builder; ‘spudsonfire’, and posted in the forums at The spudsonfire design uses a ‘vortex block’ to guide the BB’s into the barrel by means of the venturi effect. A continuous and plentiful supply of air at 40 PSI of higher is required and the rate of air consumption is quite high.
This BB gun is dangerous if used improperly.
Adult supervision is required during construction and operation.
Wear eye protection when shooting.

via burntlatke

This isn’t the BB Machine gun mentioned here but still cool videos of some other BB Machine guns people have made in the past:



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  1. mo says:

    where can i find out how to make my own bb gun or by kit and make my own?

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