DragonLasers Spartan 250mW Green Laser Reviewed!

DragonLasers Spartan 250mW Green Laser Reviewed! DragonLasers Spartan 250mW Green Laser Reviewed!2

(During the day killing a bug in my shoe and in my dark bathroom)

Remember I did a review on a 125mW Viper green laser last year?

Well Frank from DragonLasers sent me a Spartan GW 250mW green laser so I can show you guys how cool it is. The beam is much bigger this time and as you can see in the video, it’s WAY more powerful. Everytime my friends come over, they are hogging me to get them a free green laser. It’s really something you don’t need but once you see one in real life, you need it.


Yup, this green laser did go beyond a lot of miles as you can see in the video. It even goes through black tape in just 1 second. (I wasn’t aware there’s a hole in the video, but if you look carefully, the green laser beam goes through the tape almost as soon as I put the tape on it.)

Why a green laser?

Well, it’s great to simply point it around or point it at the sky. If you want to have real fun, you can do some experimenting such as making a laser projector.

Here are some specs for the Spartan green laser:

  • Impressive laser beam with amazing brightness.
  • Long range laser beam – over 100 miles.
  • Very powerful laser beam with superb burning ability.
  • Compact and pocket sized coolest gadget.
  • Comfortable to handle with easy operation.
  • On/Off Push Button Tail Cap switch.
  • Solid shell with improved heat sink design.
  • Built in protective infra red (IR) filter.
  • Free universal charger and rechargeable batteries.

Here’s technical specs:

532nm Green
Average Output Power 100mW to 400mW
Power measured over 200 seconds at 23 Celsius
26mm x 180mm
Net Weight
175 Gram
Power Supply
1 x 18650 Li-Ion Battery
Working Current
DC 3.7V, 1050mA
Diode Life Time
>5000 Hours
Beam Divergence
Beam Diameter
<2mm @ aperture
Transverse Mode
Operating Mode
Working Temperature
10C to 35C
6 Month Warranty

DragonLasers sponsored a contest last year and we gave out a free 95mW Viper green laser. Maybe if you leave a lot of comments, they will sponsor this one too.

I will be doing a Green Laser Projector DIY soon so stay tuned over the next couple hours as I try to get a super-fast DIY for all you readers.

You can buy the Spartan 250mW Green Laser here. It’s a hefty $900 but I highly recommended as it’s durable and comes with lots of goodies like re-chargable batteries, adaptor, and diffractive glasses/mirrors.

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4 Responses to DragonLasers Spartan 250mW Green Laser Reviewed!

  1. HiFi Guy says:

    Does this thing really killed a bug ?

  2. max says:

    Oh yeah, it’s pretty powerful.

    One time, I put it on my tongue and my tongue was burned for like 5 days…

  3. Dj Adidas says:

    I was using my green laser at work (Starbucks) showing a customer and co worker, and now this guy claims we were purposly shining it at him while driving…to sum it up he is trying to sue starbucks.

  4. max says:

    Lol…we are in America, that’s bound to happen.

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