iDeal – DIY Automatic Poker Dealer Robot!


Well, I used to do a lot of Blackjack programming for fun and make games but this one is actually a “real” automatic poker dealer robot.

In couple years or so we should start seeing robots replacing dealers across Las Vegas.  Well, that’s if the robots do better than human counterparts…

Thanks Patrick for the tip!

Introducing the “iDeal”. It’s the worlds best automatic poker dealer! Perfect for your home poker games and fits on the edge of a table. Features include:
– PIC microprocessor coded in C
– preprogrammable games such as texas holdem (shown in video), bridge, gin, omaha, etc
– IR player position sensing using bicycle reflectors as indicators
– ultrasonic player distance sensing which determines how far to shoot the cards

….made this for a schoool project…cool eh

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3 Responses to iDeal – DIY Automatic Poker Dealer Robot!

  1. Will I be allowed to get a robot to play for me also?

  2. That’s way too slow .

  3. pirifys says:

    in a few years it might be possible for dealers to be replaced, but I highly doubt that they will be. Players are sceptical of technology; they prefer the trust and conviviality that comes from a human dealer.

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