How to Graffiti your Website and Download an Image QUICK!

My blogger friend Jason Striegel from Hackszine sent this cool graffiti tool.  It’s a webapp that let’s you spray paint any website.  In my case, I had to pick and graffiti with gold spray paint:

Graffiti your website!

Now, this is a really fun thing to do as your finished artwork stays on the site and you can also download it.

If you are on a guest computer and without Photoshop, this could easily be a simply tool for writing stuff over website screenshots, of course all in great gravy graffiti spray cans w/o cops busting you.  (There’s also some good rap music from Minneapolis group Atmosphere while you tag Google…)

Here’s a site that lets you crank out some graffiti any web site.  I was one of the developers on the project, so I’m trying to spread it around to all my blogger friends.  This was a promotion for the Minneapolis group Atmosphere, so you can tag the web while listening to some free tunes from their latest album.

via paintthatshitgold

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