DIY Phone Unlocking – Use Universal SIM Unlock Card

Universal SIM Unlock Card - Phone-unlocking SIM-shim

Lol, this little Sim Unlock Card fits between your SIM card and the phone.  There is even a microcontroller on the freakin’ thing, which probably does the unlocking job.

It supposedly works for many phones as listed on the product site at

This SIM unlock is made of a very thin piece of FPC (0.10mm) with a Microcontroller mounted on, that goes between your Operator’s SIM card & the phone’s SIM socket.

Because of it’s very thin & slim design it fits into almost all phone’s on the market and can also be easily removed again. It’s got Gold Immersion and makes perfect contact with the card and the socket at ALL times.

Cutting of your Operator’s SIM card is required but kept to a minimum. (there are products on the market claiming that no cutting is required to use them, however they don?t give a reliable connection between the phone and the SIM card so that in certain cases it might not work at all or you might get problems during usage)

This SIM unlock  is a revolutionary do-it-yourself Plug & Play card for unlocking Mobile Phones without the risk of damaging the phone or voiding it’s warranty.

This SIM unlock is inserted into the mobile phone in parallel with your Operator’s SIM card and enables you to use your card on phones locked to another provider..

No more Test-Point. No more opening phones.. No more waiting for logs.. No more Server delays & errors.. No more Cracks & illegal hackings.. No more damaged phones.. No more lost warranty because of phone modifications..

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2 Responses to DIY Phone Unlocking – Use Universal SIM Unlock Card

  1. daniel says:

    I found a cheaper one here at Universal-Sim Unlock for $12 only.

    Has any body try?

    thank you

  2. Bylson says:

    daniel this one don’t fit Iphone 3g
    i try this one this is work for my iphone 3g

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