The iPhone Gets Its Own Photo Sharing Site

The iPhone Gets Its Own Photo Sharing Site

Natuba is a photo sharing site for iPhone users. Looks like this targetted marketing could work but of course, there are many other online services that let you do the same thing Natuba does already. Too bad they didnt’ take care of tagging, a must in a new Web2.0 service. Regardless, you can tell us how well it works with your iPhone.

iPhone users with Natuba accounts can add their snapshots to the site by emailing them to a special address. Descriptions can be included in the subject line and all photos are injected into a public activity stream. They are also included on one’s profile page and are candidates for the “Surprise Me!” page that randomly displays one photo at a time from the site.

The idea and execution are simple, perhaps a bit too simple. There’s no tagging, not to mention no geotagging (which would be a natural feature for such a service, if only iPhones had GPS already). I’d like to see the site add rating capabilities so the community can surface the best snapshots. After all, highlighting the coolest little encounters from daily life should be the site’s main thrust; no one wants to sift through the mundane.

via techcrunch

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