Nevada Lightning Laboratory Lightning demo at Maker Faire 2008!

Well, these guys were at Maker Faire last year but I missed their show everytime since I had a Maker booth.

This year, I got the whole footage on tape:



Btw, you can find more information about these super-gigantic tesla coils over at

Boy, these things are way cool, maybe there’s more uses for it than simply a show. Perhaps, power my back-to-the-future vehicle, De Lorean. (speaking of which, I heard they were going to sell them again soon…)

Here’s an excerpt from their website:

In 1998, LOD designed, constructed and commissioned the Electrum Project, a privately-owned lightning sculpture in New Zealand. Electrum provided a “real world test-bed” for the computer-based design methods needed to approach a large-scale coil design. Electrum’s spacious top electrode also allowed a unique opportunity to measure in detail the intricate dynamics of the streamer discharges — by enclosing a human observer inside the sphere, armed with test equipment.

In 2003, LOD completed the second Conceptual Design [CD2], using the test data and experience gained from the Electrum Project. The CD2 makes several optimizations to the tower and top electrode geometry, and incorporates recent technological improvements in the primary drive circuitry. In the CD2 each tower is now 122 feet high and features shielded observation areas for experimenters inside each top electrode.

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