LinkedIn vs. Facebook, which one do you use more?

I was browsin’ over at ReadWriteWeb today and they had an interesting article on LinkedIn versus Facebook, of which one is better for business.

Well, in my opinion, it’d definitely be LinkIn as I haven’t seen anyone have their Facebook account on their business card but I have seen numerous LinkIn profiles.

To be honest, I use neither right now as they are simply more services to keep track of.  (Well I should at least be linked in…)

The more you use these services, the more spam you will have to deal with.  Same thing with Twitter, it’s all an over-marketed Web2.0 services you don’t need.  (For some reason, people are really takin’ on Twitter these days…)

You might not agree with me but yes, sometimes you do have to turn your cellphones off and rely on brick and mortar methods.  Otherwise, you will only be consumed by the enormous amount of information at today’s fast moving face.

The best way?  Make your own LinkedIn or Facebook and keep it PRIVATE!

Lol…yes maybe we ARE getting too serious here.

Let’s just forget that we even need those services.  Just stick with a big binder of business cards, much simpler to think about than all those usernames and passwords…

(You will understand me if your brain is stuck to the computer screen and your blackberry 24/7, helplessly not able to un-stick yourself while you want to…)

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  1. Charles Stuart says:

    Hey check out it’s the best Business Social Network…

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