How to make your Windows XP genuine!

Well, here’s how to make your Window XP genuine if you’ve recently re-installed your Windows XP and can’t find your original Product ID (and installed an illegal version).  Windows has no online solution but this method works good if you are having trouble validating your Windows XP.  (and you’ve paid for it!!!)

Step 1: Download the license.reg file.

Step 2: Double click the file, choose yes when prompted.

Step 3: Go to Genuine Microsoft Software and click on “Validate Windows” over on the right to check whether it worked.

via Zhenyi

*Note: This is for people who have purchased a legal copy of Windows but have to resort to installing a cracked copy because either they lost their original disc or product ID.  We don’t condone any illegal copying.

15 Responses to How to make your Windows XP genuine!

  1. prince says:

    worked for me

  2. Akmal says:

    Thank you very much. It’s really work.

  3. Jim says:

    Yep…it sure does work.
    Like a charm…many thanks.

  4. mike D says:

    Thx just run it and it works i din’t have to go to windows genuine it correct hemsilf 😀

  5. yunus says:

    yaar its really easy n nice mine was done i liked it ……….

  6. NRS says:

    Thank you. I had lost my stuff and XP said ‘not genuine’ it was!. Ran your tip and Hey! Thank you

  7. Ulremember says:

    Worked Great!
    Thank you!

  8. max says:

    Glad it worked out for you, make sure to come back for more howto info!

  9. Rene orellana says:

    thank you so much you really helped me out thank god for people like you =)

  10. Osman S says:

    it’s working. thank you.

  11. Rahul says:

    I am still getting error. It says geographically blocked PID.

  12. Roxazthelight says:

    me too, It says “geographically blocked PID”

  13. jhake says:

    thanks dude!

  14. jhake says:

    thanks dude!

  15. jhake says:

    thanks dude!

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