Recover Deleted Files using Pandora Recovery!

Recover Deleted Files using Pandora Recovery!

Here’s a cool free program called Pandora recovery that can let you recover deleted files. I am not sure it’d work for formated drives but at least it’s free.

Pandora Recovery is a free file recovery program that is pretty simple to use. The 1st time you start the program it offers you the use of the wizard, which you can choose to use or not. There is a check box that you can uncheck if you don’t want the wizard to start each time you open the program, but it is usually recommended for those not familiar with software & computers in general. If you do the surface scan of a drive expect this to take some time. It took about 45 mins on my 250 GB hard drive, of course it is 80% full. There is a quicker scan but it might not find the file your looking for.

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