HTC Diamond, is this for real now?

HTC Diamond, is this for real now?

Ever since the invent of iPhones, most other cellphone manufacturers have become obsolete in terms of “web browsing” capability.  HTC, usually based on Windows Mobile, have kept surprising me with their outdated mobile IE browser that does not support any of Web2.0 technologies including AJAX.

Well, as a previous owner of HTC, I hope they finally move onto another mobile OS platform like the Android from Google, or they will ultimately fail to capture attention of fast-movers like me.  Their sales still comes from 90% of Asian population or non-techies that don’t know jack about browsing on the go.

Looks are not everything, performance has to come with it.

The first “official” photos and specs for the HTC Diamond have been leaked, complete with a 640 x 480 pixel screen (twice the lines of the iPhone in smaller surface) and 3G connectivity. Could this be the most important product of the year HTC said it would reveal in London on Tuesday?

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