German group patents ‘Smell-Phone’!

Lol… it looks like we will have some great new phones that smell based on how you are feeling?

Well, it could be used for pranks…  Perhaps, you can send a SMS text message, whether that be love or fart, so the user can “smell” the message too.

A German syndicate announced this week that it has patented a chip for sending scents via text and multimedia messages…In announcing its patent, the German syndicate said that Japanese company NTT Communications’ external scent atomizer for mobile phones has shown that “scent technology is increasingly attractive.” In the United States, Motorola obtained a patent for smell-releasing phones and explained that the device would “fill a need” and “address problems” of on-the-go consumers who miss the nice fragrances they enjoy from plug-in devices at home.

via EETimes

2 Responses to German group patents ‘Smell-Phone’!

  1. What next? A cellphone that will let out sirens? Your comments are apt. I agree.

  2. max says:

    Maybe phones that can actually pop out some poop or food???

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