FluxPC is a bracelet PC you can wear!

FluxPC is a bracelet PC you can wear!

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FluxPC is a bracelet PC that you can carry around with you. Of course, it’s only a concept, what do you think?

The Flux PC concept is an evolution of today’s portable computing system. The PC takes on new shape as the input and storage devices become compact, more adaptable and fashionable. The system revolves around a wearable bracelet, which interfaces wirelessly with a portable display. The bracelet holds the users personal and valued digital information while the display incorporates a larger viewing area and multimedia devices. The display is needed for instances when up-scaled viewing and interfacing is needed. The system can interface wirelessly with a portable display or other computers. This display is very economical, with core touch screen and display ability, as well as environmentally friendly materials. The bracelet is a very personal, customizable product which has materials to reflect its value.

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  1. Eva White says:

    Very good concept, only if it is reasonably priced and can in reachable limits of the masses.

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