How to “not” to respond to a blog review!

Hi folks, I did a review on how easy it is to start a 125 pixel exchange network. Of course, it was an “honest” opinion as every review on is.

But this morning, I woke up to find out this e-mail from the owner of from S. Masterov
(Normally I don’t disclose the parties but in this case, I felt more righteous to disclose it.)


here are some stats from your account:

You have send 348 clicks to network

You have received 586 from the network

And here quote from Your site “(Compare us to ratios like 2:1 (, 10:1 (Nuacco.Net)”

so I want to say Fuck You and Your account has been banned @

Now I could be very nasty and tell him lots of stuff, but the point of this post is not to respond to a blog review with anger, no matter how negative it is for your service or product.

The above real life example shows Nuacco as very unprofessional and does not explain anything. A better way would to explain in detail how they can improve their service and how I could make changes to get a better ratio.

I myself have been guilty of doing such things, but with time and experience, anger will never help you. You can read about how to remove anger over at my friend’s Deimos blog, a great story by the way.


Well, in internet marketing, any review is a good review and you get more online exposure. There’s no positive or negative. If you get a link back from an established blogger, you should thank him regardless of the review itself as that all funnels into more PageRank for you and people find out about your service/product.

Even this post itself is actually helping Nuacco get more online presence.

I’ve actually stopped using Nuacco on long time ago simply because they offer 2:1 impressions ratio for the first month or so and it goes all the way down to 10:1 impressions.

I had couple Nuacco widgets on my other smaller blogs but I guess I will have to remove them all now.

The number of clicks I got from Nuacco probably consists mostly from when I used it on in the first month when they give you free 10K impressions plus the 2:1 impressions. So in all, the guy didn’t do a full detailed analysis of my recent stats.

Final Thoughts

Well, I don’t really give a &*&* about Nuacco’s service or Spottt or any other 125 banner exchange service as it gives me maybe 20 clicks at most to Compare that to 10,000 views from natural traffic. I usually end up the too nice guy who helps someone else in exchange for clicks that don’t bring in any revenue.

I am currently using, only because the owner was very positive and even bought a Beer Stock from me over at Now also doesn’t really help my traffic, but I use it because I like the guy behind it.

Now, I have been very positive about Nuacco service until this morning when I got the e-mail. I hope you guys are happy now that I did another review for you. And next time, check my site stats before telling me you will ban me. I will probably ban you more than you will ban me.

In business and life, you need a positive outlook on everything. Without that, you will miserably fail even if you have a million dollar VC funding.

Okay, thanks for reading today’s rants, now to move on with life and technology…

8 Responses to How to “not” to respond to a blog review!

  1. i dropped spott and the 125 banner exchange. but i kept the sitehoppin widget and the entrecard widget as well.

  2. kent says:

    Dang! I wish I had a Nuacco account so I could get banned, too! Max, you’re one lucky sonofagun.

  3. Max,

    Thanks for the mention yo! 😀

    Now this Nuacco guy sure sounds like some sore loser to me. -_-

    I registered to both Nuacco and 125 exchange but I have yet to set up their widgets on my blog yet LOL.

  4. max says:

    Lol…thanks for stoppin’ by, too tired today, I think I am gonna stop drinkin…

  5. max says:

    Hey, don’t get jealous, I have been banned from Digg, StumbleUpon, well this one doesn’t really count. Digg did unbann me though last week, nice people.

  6. max says:

    Hey sure, that one anger management post will always be in my mind in situations like this.

  7. mindfvck says:

    Here is a hint which can help You make a right calculation of exchange ratio @ (published on the main page):

    Q: So what happens if I have 1000 impressions and 5 clicks available in my account?
    A: First of all, Your available impressions will be shown and while You are receiving clicks from impressions, You still have 5 clicks unused in stock.

    You will get 1 click for every 2 You send and AS BONUS You will get 1 banner impression for every 2 You made. And You will get UNLIMITED impressions while You have unused clicks, but first will be shown all Your BONUS impressions

    In Your case, You were hiding network banners in **** and CTR of Your pages was about %0.005, BUT click exchange ratio remains the same 2:1. You just don`t receive bonus impressions.

    BTW users with good CTR on their pages usually get more than 1:1 hit exchange ratio. And I suppose this is a fair math. I`m not greedy for clicks, I make this network to get new visitors for my websites and give new visitors to network members. VISITORS not IMPRESSIONS (You made a lot of them). So “F**k You” is only my reaction to Your “review” after Your waste of impressions earned by other users.

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