DIY Ford Bronco PC – I bet OJ Simpson wanted one

Ford Bronco PC - I bet OJ Simpson wanted one

Ford Bronco PC - I bet OJ Simpson wanted one2

You know I ran into this post today, it’s a Ford Bronco PC. Well, the first thing it reminded me was OJ Simpson. Weird what the media could do to your mind. I try to stay off TV and any real news these days for that reason. Maybe one day I will buy my own island and live there with a dog and a cool boat.

Anyways, check out the Ford Bronco PC, all custom built from scratch, lovin’ the pics.

I started with the idea of an mp3 player for my garage because all my CD’s were getting scratched and dirty. At the time (Jan. 2004) I was planning an upgrade to my gaming computer and figured I would have extra parts left over. So I tried thinking of something that would ”fit in” in a garage setting. Since I had recently finished working on my ’69 Ford Bronco, I decided that would make a cool looking computer case and began taking measurements of the Bronco and major computer parts to find a scale that would work well. I found that 1/5th scale worked great. I also wanted it to be self contained and compact as possible and still use desktop components.

[via] newegg

2 Responses to DIY Ford Bronco PC – I bet OJ Simpson wanted one

  1. seo says:

    This is one extremely practical laptop! I thought the whole point of a laptop was that you could take it to places. Or does it drive itself everywhere? 😀

  2. Early Broncos says:

    That thing is just amazing! I don’t know how I’ve missed this floating on the internet, but I’m glad I found it here.

    He actually sculpted that thing out of clay from scratch…Wow. Impressive. It really looks like an early Bronco.

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