What a Waste! – Mazda destroys 4,703 shiny new cars worth $100 million!

Geez, this is funny decision to destroy the cars that were pretty much brand new. If their cars were good enough, they should have let it back on the market. (It was simply tilted for godsakes!)  At least they could have donated to a 3rd world country at the worst.  Mazda gets a big thumbs down for wasting earth’s resources, they put their company image before mother nature.

What do you think?

The freighter, the Cougar Ace, spent weeks bobbing on the high seas, listing at a severe 60-degree angle, before finally being righted. The mishap created a dilemma: What to do with the cars? They had remained safely strapped down throughout the ordeal — but no one knew for sure what damage, if any, might be caused by dangling cars at such a steep angle for so long. Might corrosive fluids seep into chambers where they don’t belong? Was the Cougar Ace now full of lemons?

[via] WallStreetJournal

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  1. I must disagree with you on this Max. Had these cars been given for any kind of use, they would have caused more problems than worth anyone else’s while. I think that all things considered, of which, the image was the least important, Mazda did the right thing.

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