ThoughtFarmer provides awesome Intranet platform!


I ran into this nice gentleman, Chris, a co-founder of They provide IntraNet solutions to your company using easy to use web interfaces where your employees and employers can interact within the company w/o using traditional methods of communication such as e-mail and documents.

It’s sorta like a those Enterprise Wikis but the first thing I noticed about their Intranet platform is the quality graphics and simple design as shown here:

ThoughtFarmer provides awesome Intranet platform!

The funny thing that happened during the meeting was not the company itself but how they were marketing using some guerilla tactics. Chris showed me how they made this “fake company” all with employee badges and a welcome letter, sent to about 50 well known bloggers. I guess a lot of bloggers founded very creative and funny so they posted it about it such as ReadWriteWeb.

Anyways, you can check out how they did it all at their blog post over here. Next time you use this type of pyro marketing, you can thank me and Chris for it. They actually even paid $5,500 bucks to a marketing firm so get some free marketing tips over at their blog!

3 Responses to ThoughtFarmer provides awesome Intranet platform!

  1. Hey Max, thanks for the nice review. Good meeting you at Web 2.0!

  2. max says:

    Hey Chris! I was gonna e-mail you but I guess you found me first. Lol… subscribe to my blog and what is your twitter address???

  3. Great product, great marketing and great review. What a combination! Max, sometimes you outdo yourself. You should do this more often.

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