Watch powered by compressed air!


Here’s a cool watch to hope that it gets on the market soon.  I do like it over those Swatches that wind by walking or movement.  (I had those Swatches fail on me before it I am working 24/7 in front of a computer and whenever I did move around, I usually took the watch off so…)

The UR-202 Hammerhead Automatic from Urwerk is a watch that demands your respect. It’s actually quite impressive. It features a unique winding system that’s regulated using compressed air. The 202 uses miniature twin turbines to control the rate of automatic winding and the level of air compression can be controlled using a 3-position selector switch.

via slipperybrick

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  1. While this could indeed offer some novelty value, why should anyone change from a battery operated one? I know a number of people who have simply stopped using wrist watches with the advent of mobile phones!

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