PocketGuitar for jailbroken iPhone or iPod touch!

PocketGuitar for jailbroken iPhone or iPod touch!

Here’s a cool little PocketGuitar you can play with your jailbroken iPhone or iPod Touch.

PocketGuitar is a virtual guitar for iPhone and iPod touch. You can even have guitar sessions with the songs in your iPod!

You need a jailbroken iPhone or iPod touch. Google it if you don’t now what it means. It will void your warranty, so do it at your own risk. If you’re not sure what you are doing, please wait until the “iPhone 2.0” which will support official native apps.

PocketGuitar is now included in ModMyiFone.com Community Source under “Toys” category. If you can’t find it, upgrade “Community Sources” package and make sure you have “ModMyiFone.com” source in “Sources” tab.

via MinistryOfTech

2 Responses to PocketGuitar for jailbroken iPhone or iPod touch!

  1. Nicole Price says:

    Cool stuff. I have a ‘jailbroken’ iPhone. Will surely try this.

  2. ipod touch case says:

    Great idea.. but not practical.. it’s hard to play guitar on a small device like iphone/itouch 🙂

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