Web2.0 Expo – Stewart Mader from Wikipatterns Interviewed!


If you don’t know wikis, it might be a good time for you to get familiar as wikis have not been fully utilized as blogs have been. (Before you know it, the world will become a “wiki wiki” world…)

As a wiki fanatic myself as I have built the world’s first-ever MediaWiki based social networking site, I am a collector of any new books related with wikis in general.

One of the books that I haven’t gotten a hold of was, wikipatterns by Stewart Mader, creator of wikipatterns.com. I am a big fan of anyone who’s creating new sites with wikis so…

What intrigued me about his creation Wikipatterns.com, is the idea itself, not really the software built on it. I am still dumbfounded about what wikipatterns exactly is but Stewart was nice enough to explain it to me in plain English at Web2.0 Expo today:


(Thanks Stewart, and thank you for the book! I love wiki books, make sure to check out my wiki creation too, SiteHoppin.com!)

Stewart also runs Grow Your Wiki blog, check it out as it has lots of interesting stuff for all you wiki lovers.

I will probably do another write-up after I finish the book so hold on while I get all that wiki stuff in my head and spit it back out to you readers in plain English.

Wikipatterns, btw, is based on Wiki software by Atlassian, a company who specialized in Enterprise Wikis.

We will have a short video re-cap by Atlassian’s president, Jeffrey Walker in a little bit, explaining further the advantages of using wikis to replace e-mails and documents.

What do you think, will Wikis be the future of mass collaboration? (If it isn’t already?)

2 Responses to Web2.0 Expo – Stewart Mader from Wikipatterns Interviewed!

  1. Michelle says:

    I need to a little more research on wikis to see how it will benefit my site in the future. I appreciate the resource and must admit, I don’t know a lot about it. It’s hard to say right now what will win in that arena. I’ll just keep blogging!

  2. max says:

    Hey sure, more videos coming soon so, subscribe to Zedomax.

    I got a video about Web3.0 and the semantic web soon so you will want to watch that for sheezy. 🙂


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